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Another Story Book Review

Another Story  
Author: themarsbeing  
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 220

“Still, I wish there was a how- to- guide,
To peacefully & happily live your life.

This book is an anthology of some of the most relatable pieces of poetry I’ve ever read. Poems that felt like journal entries, very raw, hard hitting, and personal. The poems are mostly about a very relevant topic- depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, low self esteem, dependency on pills and drugs, domestic abuse, vulnerability.

As someone who also suffers from depression, these poems hit home to me. I could relate to the sufferings the poet must have felt while penning down these pieces of literary art. The poet seeks writing and finds solace in writing whenever he is feeling low, he find writing therapeutic. As someone who used to write when I felt low, I could relate to this as well.

This collection is the literary equivalence of feeling trippy – the highs, the lows, the colors of sadness and suffering, the mania, the obsession – everything will make you feel trippy. The poems shows you all colors and facets of depression and lets you draw a vivid depiction of depression and vulnerability, you can feel all the effects of an addicting drug.

The poems also show the addiction to pills and the dependency upon it to feel well, to feel normal. The desperation to feel okay but the misfortune of feeling okay only by taking pills. It’s, unfortunately, a very sad truth many of us suffer from. Isn’t it sad that all we want to do is feel okay but we are unable to feel okay and be dependent on some chemicals to feel okay?

“Every day is a battle,
When you are fighting against yourself.”

Even though most of the poems were about depression, there were some poems which were about falling in love and losing love. There were also few poems relating to the murder of Christina Grimmie, who was an YouTuber who got killed in a fan meet and greet, through the POV of the murderer, her brother, a fan, and herself. It was a very cool concept.

My favorite poem from this collection “Shattered Dreams: A Story Of Domestic Abuse” which told the tale of a abusive relationship. This poem felt like a psychological thriller movie, I absolutely loved it.

This was overall a very strong poetry collection but would be a little too intense for some people. Because this book was very edgy and raw with way too many cusses in it. If that bothers you then be warned beforehand. But I’ll still recommend this book and definitely give this book a try!
Good luck to the author for his future endeavors.

My rating : 4 stars out of 5.

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