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4 Reasons why Dial A For Aunties is a delightful chaos

Meddelin Chan and her family is in the wedding business. One day her mother and aunties set up a blind date for her. She is hesitant to go on the date but reluctantly she agrees. But she ends up killing her date in an accident and she calls her meddlesome mother and aunties to hide the body.

Write Me A Love Story Book Review

The blue-eyed boy of Indian publishing, Abhimanyu Razdan is known for his bestselling romances, which move his readers to tears. PaperInk, an up-and-coming publishing house, is looking for an A-list author who will take them to the next level.

The Eminently Forgettable Life Of Mrs Pankajam by Meera Rajagopalan Book Review

This is the story of Mrs. Pankajam who has been advised by her doctor to maintain a journal because she is starting to lose her memory. This book is narrated through her journal entries starting from the time when her husband had a heart attack. And so she pens down about her day to day life and hence follows this story of an aging woman.

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

This is the story about a little girl named April who temporarily shifts to Bear Island because her father got a job there. Despite the name of the island, there’s actually no bear in Bear Island. But while roaming the island, April catches glimpse of a polar bear. He is hurt and skinny. Soon April and this polar bear forms an unlikely friendship.

Bookish People by Susan Coll

Bookish People by Susan Coll

Independent bookstore owner Sophie Bernstein is burned out on books. Mourning the death of her husband, the loss of her favorite manager, her only child’s lack of aspiration, and the grim state of the world, she fantasizes about going into hiding in the secret back room of her store.

One Cup at a Time by Matt Tarpley

One Cup At A Time by Matt Tarpley

Serving up another steaming hot cup of the warm and floofies, this new collection follows your favorite regulars at Cat’s Cafe as well as several all-new characters as they handle the ups and downs of life with the help of their friends.