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the shape of thunder

The Shape of Thunder: a book to make you cry

It’s Cora’s 12th birthday and she hasn’t spoken to her best friend Quin in a year despite living next door to each other. Quin has left a box for Cora with a note saying she will fix everything. Cora has lost her sister and Quin has lost her brother.


Ahalya Book Review

‘Ahalya’ is the first book in the Sati series. This story starts from the time when Brahma himself designed and made Ahalya, his finest creation. She is then given to Gautam who is a sage sworn to celibacy.


The Heart Principle Book Review

Meet Anna Sun, a violinist who receives fame after her video on YouTube goes viral. But she is unable to reproduce the same perfection in playing the violin and she seems to be stuck in a creator’s block.

4 Reasons why Dial A For Aunties is a delightful chaos

Meddelin Chan and her family is in the wedding business. One day her mother and aunties set up a blind date for her. She is hesitant to go on the date but reluctantly she agrees. But she ends up killing her date in an accident and she calls her meddlesome mother and aunties to hide the body.