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Week 1


October the eighth, the first time when I saw you in that picture,
You were standing with your friends, shining like a star!
You were in a white shirt and had a brown watch on your wrist.
One look, just one look, and I knew it was all over for me!
First thought that crossed my mind was “God damn, you’re beautiful!”
And once I saw you, there was nothing else that I wanted to look.

I think you had few too many drinks, you were a little sloshed,
Because, under the light, your cheeks were a little flushed.
With a head full of raven hair and skin so fair- like Yin and Yang;
Your eyes were crinkled from smiling, your smile hit me like the Big Bang.
I couldn’t see the color of your eyes but they were sparkling like Sapphire,
I wouldn’t be overstating when I say that your smile set my soul on fire.

I asked your friend who was this fine man in that white shirt,
He told me your name and I was shooketh, felt my brain burst.
You? You! I know you. I know you! You’re so familiar to me!
I’ve heard about you and knew so much about you already.
In that moment, I finally associated your name with that face
And Lord, I knew that it was already too late.

The softness of your eyes and smile melted something inside my ribs,
And something made me gravitate towards your tender lips;
And made me wish I had seen you a couple of years ago-
When we both were as free as wildflowers blooming in a meadow!
Maybe then I could’ve chased you down the rabbit hole.
Well, you would’ve broken my heart anyway that’s not anymore mine to control.

The first time I ever saw your face, pulling me like magnets,
I thought that was the face of a muse for heartbroken poets.
You had that kind of face people fell in love with, madly!
And to which the poets compared the sunrises and sunsets with.
You had that face about whom love songs were written,
Just one damn look, and I knew I was irrevocably smitten.

The first time I ever saw your face, I felt a rift beneath my feet
That divided my life into ‘Before & After Seeing You’ in a minute.
And I felt like. . . like. . . like I have been searching for you my whole life,
And I had this weird prolepsis of an alternate life where you were mine:
Where we met at the right time and fell in love with one another,
Where we got married, had two kids and grew old together.

The first time I ever saw your face, I was so mad at this world and this universe
For not letting me know sooner that you exist, and that felt like a curse.
My entire life leading up to the moment I saw you first was actually a countdown,
And maybe I’d have met you sooner had I stayed back in my father’s hometown.
I knew I wouldn’t rush anything, I will play it slow, I will play it right,
Because I knew you were going to stay in life for a long, long, long time.

Now that I’ve seen you, you’re all I ever want to see,
You’re the last thought of the night and the first thought of the morning.
I do not know how our story will turn out to be, a happy ending or a tragedy;
I do not know if it will be remembered as a legend or forgotten as a malady.
But I do feel you deserve to have everything you want, plus a poem;
So, I picked up a pen and a page and wrote you one at 2 am.

– B.