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Week 10


I want to see your old photo albums
That your mother has kept safely in her drawers:
Full of pictures of you and your sister as infants,
Full of pictures of you and your family outdoors.
I picture you as a kid, frozen in time, in those frames:
Smiling, blinking, mid conversation – preserved forever.

I imagine there will be a picture of you
In your school uniform when you were eleven,
Smiling innocently, looking at the camera;
I want to hold those pictures in my hands and time travel
Back to your childhood and with you live it all over again,
In that way, at least you will know my name.

I imagine you being the mischievous one,
But a kid with kind eyes and good manners;
I picture you as a boy playing with your friends after school,
And I think you were the talkative one with humor.
God, I wish I was a part of it all, a part of your childhood,
Because I fucking wish I had known you sooner.

I can bet your younger self would be proud
Of the man you’ve become today, because I am.
Although I wish I had met you sooner, but the truth is
If it wasn’t meant to happen, it wouldn’t have happened
Even if we had met when we were ten.
And if it is meant to happen, it will happen anyway
Even when we will be in our middle ages.

– B.