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Week 11


I do not dream of having you
As my partner,
I cannot want that life.
I do not dream about spending
A lifetime with you
Because that life cannot be mine.
I do not dream of us ending up together
Because in that way I won’t be hurt
When you marry her.
I do not even dream of getting you
Because I know once you’ll be mine
There will be a chance that you won’t be mine anymore
And I cannot bear the pain of losing you…
I’d rather never have you than to lose you.

But I do have one dream
When it comes to you and us
It goes like this –

I want to lie on the grass
Under the night sky with you
And stare at the stars;
Cold breeze giving us gooseflesh.
I’ll point to the sky and show you
The constellations within
And I’ll tell you about
How I wrote you a poem
About your eyes
Comparing it to the glittering stars.
You’ll laugh and bite your lip
And call me
A hopeless romantic
But your cheeks will flush and
You’ll feel something warm
Inside your chest.

I’ll recite you a poem by Rilke
And we will appreciate
What a genius he was!
And his words were magic.
You will tell me about
Your childhood and
The mischievous deeds you did
As a child
And I’ll laugh heartily.
I will tell you about Medusa
And how she turned everyone into stone
And I will tell you about
My favorite movies.
And you’ll tell me about your
Journey to the top,
And I, in awe, will be inspired.
And maybe, just maybe,
Our fingers might touch
Sending shivers down my spine.

Sipping red wine with you
Under the night sky
Is my dream
Of a lifetime!
And if
This dream will come true
I need you to know that
I’ll never be happier than in that
Moment when I’ll be with you,

Our heads will lay close by,
Looking up at the sky,
You’ll look at the stars
And I’ll look into your face
And realize
You’re the most beautiful person
I’ve ever seen in my whole life.
You’ll catch at me looking at you,
My cheeks will redden
And I’ll look away, smitten.

– B.