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Week 18


At the mention of your name,
My heart becomes violent
Thrashing madly inside my own ribs,
And your name escapes my red lips
Like a prayer, like a moan.
And your eyes… they feel like home,
A home where I cannot belong.
When the night sky blazes with stars
And you dominate my mind,
My eyes shut closed,
Your face dances in the back of my eyes,
And your face becomes my entire universe for a few moments.
My cheeks flush crimson,
And my skin gets hot,
And I can feel you beating like a drum
Inside my chest, a high-pitched thrum,
And I can feel you travel
Like the blood in all my vessels
To all the other parts of my body,
And your name, a constant incantation on my lips:
Two syllables, that means the whole world to me.
Oh, how have you managed this?
I was the witch but it was you who bewitched me.
In moments like this I feel like you’re the life,
The entity within me, that’s keeping me alive,
Even though we’re strangers.
In moments like that I feel like
You live in two places at the same time-
One, fifty miles away,
And the other, within me,
Becoming an integral part of me,
Pushing me from the peak, over the edge,
And I repeat your name like a fucking prayer,
When I look at your face through the screen,
I feel a longing deep inside me,
Rooted somewhere deep inside and below,
Not something temporary or shallow,
But I do not know what that exactly is.
My tachycardia heart and my flushed skin,
Beads of sweat sparkling in my forehead,
At the mention of your name,
Why does my heart flutter
With thousands of butterflies inside my abdomen
Wreaking havoc?
And when I think of your face,
Why do I always become so scarlet?

– B.