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Week 2


I think it is so unfair
That you conceal
Your beautifully rare cleft chin
Underneath an ocean of hair.
I think the world needs to see
And like me, be in awe
By that touch of God’s blessing
At the centre of your jaw.

I think it’s unjustified that you hide
Your perfect cupid’s bow
Beneath your bristles
And not let the world know.
I could write hundred poems about your lips,
About your philtrum like a flowing river,
About its curvature, corners and dips,
And your distinct vermillion border.

I can stare at your face
For hours and days and years
And never get tired of
That countenance of yours
As if you’re the portrait
Of a famous dead painter
Hanging in an exclusive museum
And I, a mere spectator.

I think your downturned eyes
Tilts like slopes on a mountain
Because of all the hopes and dreams in them,
And they glint a lucite sheen!
And your hypnotising iris
– the prettiest shade of brown!
With your pupils as deep as
The bottomless ocean,
where people drown.

Your eyebrows curve like
The wings of a bird in flight.
Oh! The grace of your eyelashes
When you blink it grazes the air so light.
You wear your magnificent raven mane
As the rightful crown on your head
And I’d like to run my starving hands
Through the forest of your hair.

Your face is the guiding light
That illuminates my darkest nights.
Your face is the home
I want to be in
And I think
You’re the most beautiful person
I’ve ever seen.

– B.