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Week 3


Your name is a hymn
I’ll be praying
For the rest of my life.
I’m an atheist but for you
Now I pray to the Gods
For your name to juxtapose mine.

I do not believe in superstition
But your name is all I say
On every fallen eyelash,
On every shooting star,
On every dandelion,
And on every blown candle.

Never knew one name could be so beautiful
And could be so apt
For ‘grandeur’ and ‘magnificence’!
Your name on my lips feels like
A blessing and an incantation
That I’ll never be tired of repetition.

If my lips were to whisper only one word
For the rest of my days
It will be your name.
If someone asks who is the one
That’s making your heart beat wildly like this?
It will be your name.

– B.