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Week 5


I think you’re so fucking beautiful
Worthy of eloquent words and vibrant colors
Painting you in poems and canvases…
And I’ll have you memorized by heart.

I think you’re a goddamn piece of art
That belongs to museums and living rooms
Because you deserve to be admired
By spectators who understands art.

I think there should be a constellation
Named after you
Where young lovers will gaze upon the sky
And say “those stars are beautiful.”

I think you’re the tinder
That could start a forest fire
Engulfing everyone and everything in flames;
You don’t even have to ask
I’ll jump willingly into the fire for you.

I think your Midas touch
Can turn the world from rubble into gold;
Your touch is lethal but it’s all I want,
I’m willing to sacrifice myself for you.

I think you’re a God
And I, your truest and blindest devotee;
I’ll sweep the soil before you set your feet
And everything you say is a holy doctrine.

I think you’re also my Achilles heel,
The only way to annihilate me;
But give me a chance to offer you my servitude,
I’ll burn this city to the ground to make you a shrine.

I think you’re the sun
And I’m Icarus,
I am flying too close to you
In an attempt just to be near you
But I was always doomed to die in your arms.

I think you are the sorrow in me,
You are my grief, my anguish,
My utter disdain and misery.
I’ll stop at nothing to have you and I’ll watch
As everyone in this world crashes and burns.

– B.