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Week 9


Written in parchment
With my tears as ink;
A poem full of lament,
Writing as my heart sinks.
Crying over you
Who was never mine to lose;
But I do grieve you,
My love, my muse.

My life before knowing you-
was where I lived happily.
My life after knowing you-
Without you in it is just tragedy.
You’ve plagued my mind
What are you but a calamity?
You have turned me blind,
Washing away all my morality.

I thought I was a good person,
But you’re turning my restraints weaker.
My volition is now worsened,
And my lies a lot sleeker.
I thought I knew how to be faithful,
But I’m losing touch with the reality.
For you, someone so beautiful,
I’ll kneel and pray, beg and plea.

Your absence in my life feels like
A gaping hole, a chasm, an abyss.
I lie crying under the moonlight
And tell the stars this-
“There is a man in another city
Who owns my heart and doesn’t want it.
He doesn’t know how I feel
And probably doesn’t even give a shit.”

Because you know I belong to someone else
Someone you know dearly,
Just like I know you belong to somebody else,
Somebody whom you’re going to someday marry.
We were doomed from the start,
Like an asteroid hitting the planet.
I gave you my heart and let you pick it apart,
It was always yours to break anyway.

All my friends warned me about the devil,
But I can’t stop wanting you, loving you,
But loving you is like fighting a losing battle,
Loving you is being beaten black and blue,
Loving you is like gasping for a lungful of air,
Loving you is like following a mirage,
Loving you is like chanting a prayer,
Loving you is frankly, self-sabotage.

But you are the song that nightingale sings,
You are the crown that belongs to kings and queens,
You are the beacon a lost person is looking for,
You are the muse that I’ve never had before.
You are the midnight sun that never fades,
You are powerful like the ace of spades,
You are breath-taking like the northern lights,
You are the sorrow in me that’s mournful like last rites.

I’ll destroy the world too
If it means I can spend a moment with you.
I will beg on my damn knees
For your briefest glimpse.
I wish you somehow knew
How much I worship you like a God so divine
I’ve placed you high up there on a pedestal
And made you a fucking shrine.

– B.