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Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley Book Review

Firekeeper’s Daughter
Author: Angeline Boulley
Genre: YA mystery thriller
Pages: 496
Publishers: Henry Holt & Co
Publication Date: 16th March, 2021

[I was kindly provided a review copy by the publisher. All views are mine.]

[TW: sexual assault, murder, suicide, drug use]

Daunis Firekeeper is an eighteen year old girl with biracial parents. Her father was Ojibwe while her mother is white. For that she was never enrolled in the tribe but even so, she loves her tribe and community.

She used to love to play hockey but she doesn’t play it anymore. But she meets a new hockey player, Jamie, who seems to be the new star of the hockey team. Mysterious, good looking, everyone is intrigued by Jamie.

Her uncle died of drug overdose and one by one, her community members are plagued by drugs. Her best friend, Lily’s ex boyfriend seems to be the perfect example of that. Once a sweet nerdy boy, Travis is now a meth head.

In a horrific turn of events, Daunis witnesses a brutal murder which changes her life forever and now the FBI wants her to help to act as an CI so that they can bust the illegal drug trafficking going on in their community.

What I liked:

⭐ This book was culturally rich with many detailed descriptions about the Ojibwe community, and their customs and beliefs. I got to learn so many new things about the indigenous people and their culture. Not only that but the author also enlightened us about the racism and violence they have been facing and still continued to face.

⭐ Daunis is an admirable character but with flaws. Sometimes she acts so mature and clear headed, and sometimes she acts very immature and makes bad decisions. Therefore she makes a very interesting character.

⭐ The writing is beautiful and the descriptions are highly detailed.

⭐ It was a multi faceted story with many layers to the story. Family, identity, grief, culture, drug trafficking, love, it was a story about it all.

⭐ I liked the relationship shared between Daunis and her elders, and really appreciated how the women supported each other. She shared a special relationship with her Auntie and mother.

⭐ Their is a fake relationship trope despite the complexities in both Daunis and Jamie’s life. Still, I enjoyed their relationship and was satisfied with how their relationship ended by the end of the book.

⭐ The cover. Ah, it’s gorgeous! Isn’t it?

What I didn’t like:

⭐ The pacing of the book is very slow. This book didn’t need to be this long in my opinion. This book could’ve been a bit shorter and faster. Also, few things felt awfully convenient.

⭐ The mystery part was kind of underwhelming for me. I wished there would’ve more focus on the mystery part.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this book and I can understand why this book is so hyped right now. I would definitely recommend this book!

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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