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About the poem:
My mother loves gardening. My house is filled with all kinds of plants with leaves with all shades of greens and flowers of different colors and shapes that bloomed in their seasons. My mother watered the plants every single day, added biofertilizers for their growth, and nurtured for them very dearly. I wrote this poem back in 2014. The idea of this poem rooted in my head when one day I saw my mother watering a rose plant where the flowers were bursting with colors, smell, and life.
The truth is I am scared of death. Not my death necessarily, but the death of my loved ones. But I also know it is inevitable. Therefore I wrote this poem keeping the idea of inevitable insurgence of death in life.
Also, I love roses

Rose Poem Picture

I cling to the faded walls with window pane,
I’m merely a green bud at this moment.
Lavish! My sister appears with no petals hidden,
Well, I’m merely a green bud at this moment.
After few more days I’ll no longer be a bud,
I’ll spread my red wings and become an adult.
Our owner waters us every day and caresses my sister,
She says my sister is beautiful in front of her daughter.

Being a bud I’m despitefully jealous of my sister’s lustre,
People come and go but never forget to caress her.
I’ve opened my eyes and I’m halfway to blossom,
I hear our owner saying I look wholesome.
I see my sister have started to degenerate,
Her petals are corroding, her colour is starting to fade.
But today I stand here as a full blossomed red Goddess,
And my rivals can nowhere compare my success.

I heard our owner’s daughter say I looked beautiful,
She wants to throw my dying sister because she looks horrible.
I can see the lustful eyes with which people stare at me,
They crave to touch me and own me but that cannot be.
Few days are gone and I realize I am getting a little weak,
But I’m strong enough and this weakness cannot kill me.
Though it’s my reign but I can see my new sisters grow,
I’m terrified to see my elder sister’s dried-up dead shadow.

Soon our owner detaches my sister without any emotion,
And throw her somewhere dark in her motion.
My heart is breaking to see my petals no longer stand tall,
I’m dying and I can see my inevitable downfall.
Soon I’ll become like my sister, and I too shall die,
Hope my thorn will protect me to see another sunrise.
Disappointed, I look at my new flourishing sister,
She is merely a bud but I’m despitefully jealous of her.

Soon my sister will dethrone me and take my place,
She will rule here and curse my senescence.
I want to warn her that this life is not permanent,
To blossom forever is a dream but no one is that fortunate.
She, too, will learn the lessons I learnt in her own time,
She, too, will have everything that was once mine.
I’m crestfallen but I don’t want her to see my pride cry,
But tomorrow shall be a day when I die, I die.

* * * *

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