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Somehow I Missed It Book Review

Somehow I Missed It Book Cover

Somehow I Missed It  
Author: Poorvajaa Pooja Sharma  
Genre: True Crime

If we get a gut feeling something isn’t right about a person or situation. Should we trust it or ignore it? Obviously, you will trust it. I had a strong intuition. I was shaken to my core. It wasn’t easy and I had it out with my strong will power. So what happened next? I did experience a crime, which I have jotted down in this novel “Somehow I missed it”. This crime novel has everything from real paranormal incidents to the philosophy of life that I discovered. A true story influences this crime fiction. It is a scary paranormal incident that happened in Oman.

The novel is just a few months away to be published. 


The only reason I accepted to review this book was that I was told this was “true crime” story and we all know I am a true crime fanatic.

This is a review for the first two chapters but unfortunately this book or rather the first two chapters did work for me. Despite the intriguing synopsis, both the first two chapters were boring with no solid plot. Also there was no true crime element or even anything mysterious or suspenseful at all. Maybe things progress as the story progresses but since I read only the first two chapters, there was no story at all. It was all a monotonous monologue about the characters grocery shopping, making coffee, spilling coffee, cleaning the spilled coffee, washing clothes, tidying the house, going for a morning walk etc. The pictures/drawings were cool though.

Reviewing two chapters of a book wasn’t a good idea I suppose as I got no context from the overall story and didn’t enjoy my time reading it. Hopefully the full book will be better with a good plot and good thriller element in it. Hoping for the best for this book! Will be looking forward to see what “true crime” element this book includes.

My rating : 3 out of 5 stars.


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