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The Road Trip Book Review

The Road Trip Cover

The Road Trip  
Author: Beth O’Leary    
Genre: Romance
Pages: 400
Publication date: 29 April 2021
Publisher: Quercus

This is the story of two exes, Addie and Dylan, who are forced to take a road trip together to their mutual friend’s wedding after one of them crashes into the other’s car. Accompanying them are Addie’s sister, Deb, and Dylan’s best friend, Marcus, and an outsider, Rodney. This was not the road trip Addie and Deb planned for. They planned their playlist and snacks, not bumping into Addie’s ex, Dylan. This is an unexpected turn of events. This is an explosive combination of people and things start going wrong in the friction of the lingering tension between Addie, Dylan, Deb, and Marcus. This road trip is turning into a disaster and they are going to be late for the wedding. Will they make it on time to the wedding?

Trigger Warning: Potential sexual abuse

This book is so much more than just a road trip and two exes discovering they are still in love with one other. This book is unlike the author’s previous two books. While The Flatshare and The Switch were warm, feel-good books, The Road Trip is not for most parts. The Road Trip is way more intense and complex than her previous books. This book is quite hilarious at times, but there are so many complexities of love and friendship that’s at its core.

This is a story told in the dual timeline. One is the present when they are on the road trip, and the other is in the past that starts with their first meeting leading up to the breakup. There are constant suspense and intrigue about the reason for their breakup. The reason is revealed in the last part of the book and this was the reason why I read this book so fast as to uncover the reason.

I admit I wasn’t a big fan of the road trip itself but as the past timeline progressed, the story just kept getting better and better. The way Addie and Dylan’s love story started in hot passionate summer on a holiday in France felt very very insta-lovey and unrealistic. But as their relationship grew and they were back to the real world, back in their hometown, their relationship grew more realistic. I think the author portrayed very well how a relationship progresses with many problems and bumps on the road after the initial intense infatuation wears off.

The characters were all very well developed and flawed which made them more humane. Marcus played a very big role in the book. I don’t know whether to hate him or not, but he is a compelling character that drove the story forward. I felt bad angry at him so many times but I think I understand why he did what he did. Dylan and Addie felt deeply real too. He was a wonderful friend to Marcus but Dylan had some issues in his life. The way Dylan found himself in this phase where he was trying to figure out what the hell he wanted to do with his life felt way too personal for me.

The breakup was the best part of this book (am I a bad person for saying that?). I mean everything that leads to the breakup was so intense and sad, and the aftermath of it. The way they were pining for each other in the present timeline of the road trip and everything that was happening there, everything starts making sense in the end! They seemed to be still in love with each other in the present timeline when they were exes and I kept wondering if so then why did they break up, but everything makes sense in the end.

In conclusion, I loved this story and all the complexities it had. This was a complex story with complicated characters. This book made me laugh and angry, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading it. This is my third book by Beth O’Leary and this is the third time I am giving her book a 5 star rating. She is one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait for other people to read this when it comes out!

My rating : 5 out of 5 stars.


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