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The Shape of Thunder: a book to make you cry

The Shape of Thunder
Author: Jasmine Warga
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 288 pages
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Publication Date: May 11th 2021

Synopsis of The Shape of Thunder

It’s Cora’s 12th birthday and she hasn’t spoken to her best friend Quin in a year despite living next door to each other. Quin has left a box for Cora with a note saying she will fix everything. Cora has lost her sister and Quin has lost her brother. Quin has decided that she will fix things by going back in time and stopping her brother from doing something that changed all their lives forever.

In spite of herself, Cora agrees to this because she is desperate to have her sister back. Together Cora and Quin work to open a wormhole in the fabric of the universe so that they can travel back in time and change everything and bring back their lost ones.

My Thoughts on The Shape of Thunder

This. Book. Was. Rough.

I had to take breaks from reading this book because of how difficult and heartbreaking it was. I had to put this book down after every chapter because I could not take it anymore. This book is gut wrenching.

This book was about gun violence and how it destroys families of the victims. Cora and Quin has both lost their loved ones to gun violence and their narration broke my heart seeing how much they missed their siblings.

I felt so bad for Cora who lost her sister to a school shooting but I felt even worse for Quin whose brother was responsible for the shooting. Quin wasn’t responsible for the shooting but she holds herself responsible for everything and everyone has stopped bring friends with her and it hurt me as hell seeing her being alienated like this. But it was so nice to see Quin and Cora being friends again.

Quin also wrote letters to her brother and every single letter broke my heart but I just lost it at the last letter. I cried okay. It broke my heart to pieces.

In conclusion, I absolutely loved this book. I think this is a must read even though it is a very very difficult book to read.

My rating: 5 stars

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