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Week 15


I hope she knows that she is lucky,
To hold your hands, fingers intertwined;
I wish that could have been me
Instead of her, and wish our stars had aligned.

I hope she knows she is fortunate
To have known you, to have owned your heart,
To have the Gods will you in her glorious fate,
And not have her heart, like mine, fall apart.

I hope she knows she is blessed
That her conscience isn’t malign like mine.
I can never be like her who can give you the best,
I can never be like her: so elegant, so refined.

I do not hate her but I do envy her
Because she met you before I even had the chance.
It will always hurt that she is the one you prefer;
Meanwhile, here I am, dying for your fleeting glance.

I do not want to usurp her and take her throne,
But I do wish that you will see me someday
As the girl who has loved you and atoned
For loving you. Every. Single. Day.

I do not want to take what is rightfully hers,
But I fucking wish I could kiss you right now;
And I do wish I was somehow yours;
If you were mine too, I’d have kept you like a sacred vow.

– B.